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Bob didn't really know what to think. After his graduation, he and all the other students were told they needed to rush back home. Something about explosions and a nuclear winter having descended upon their world. Next thing he knew, he'd traveled home to find that not much had survived in his town.

He rolled out of bed each morning, more tired than he'd ever felt and then rushed off to his job at the medical clinic that had been set up. When he graduated he thought he be working at a nice hospital and flirting with pretty nurses. His reality now is that he can't even take a proper shower - an ice cold sponge bath in a sink isn't quite the same as a nice warm shower.

Riversbend had been a nice sized town, now it's been reduced a military barracks, a medical clinic, a small soup kitchen that is situated next to the clinic. There wasn't much left of the Science Center, but the shell of the building is still there and people are somehow thinking that all this mess started with an experiment gone wrong. Everything else is gone, all except the bands of roving looters and vicious dogs.

Bob's home is quite close to the medical clinic and the soup kitchen. It's not much to look at it, but he's about as comfortable as he's going to get. Cold sponge baths and artificially manufactured foods are the new norm for those still living and working - not things to get excited about. He's bound and determined to get the medical clinic up and running. Clean water and medical supplies will be a major help in restoring the town.

He put forth a lot of effort to move up in the ranks. If he didn't have the skills he needed - he worked until he did. It brightened his moods to achieve each new promotion.

He met Mary outside his home one late afternoon, they talked and got to know one another quite well. He liked her immediately and fell in love quite quickly. He remembered back to when he dated Doreen and he was glad he had not asked her to marry him...at the time, that was what he wanted.

Finally he reached the top. Sooner than expected, so soon that some felt he'd somehow cheated his way to the top - but how do you do that in an apocalyptic state? He'd spent almost every spare moment working and studying. His only recreation outside of work was spending a little bit of time with Mary.

Now that the medical field has rebounded, clean water and medicines have become available it looks like things are turning around. Bob feels happy that he's helped his community begin to recover. His next step to start a family.

Mary is also a knowledge sim.

How fortunate for Bob, and the town. Mary has been working in the Science Center. With her work she's helping to bring electricity back and assist in getting the electronic companies of modern age back to running. People want all those high tech gizmos that everyone relied upon, it's important to bring the technology that had been lost, back to modern life.

What they didn't count on was having a baby so soon. Mary had wanted to further advance in her career, to bring science back to the cold world.

Bob and Mary were both worried about the state of things. Now that the baby had arrived, one of them had to stay at home. The town needed Mary to work on bringing technology back - but they needed the money from Bob's job to survive. The mob money was due and they were short the amount it would take to pay it. Neither one wanted to find out what would happen if they didn't or couldn't pay...so they worried. Bob had one more day off and they'd have to see what tomorrow brought.

It was decided, There wasn't any other option. Bob would have to quit - he'd have to stay home and care for the baby. Mary was doing well, she gotten a huge percentage of a project from work and promoted to Inventor.

Alan England, he wore the only clothes that the mob had in his size - a blue tuxedo. These days you take what you can get and hope that the mob doesn't notice that you aren't happy with them. Someday they'll be tossed out of power. When? No one knows - but it will happen someday.

I need to take more pictures. I was just having fun playing and didn't take as many as I wish I had. I was totally happy when Mary joined the family - her being in the Science career was a nice surprise. I do wish she had been in culinary. This one meal a day is difficult and it's bound to get harder with time. She didn't bring any money or anything in her inventory though. I'm also having a bit of trouble. The carpool isn't working, it doesn't show up to take them to work. I have been having Alan walk since I started this neighborhood...he comes home by carpool. I don't know why. Mary was almost late one morning because I didn't watch the time.

I didn't intend for them to have a baby so soon. One minute they were getting married on the lot and then the next thing I knew they were kissing and then I had to answer a kids math question and then the next thing they got hit with a risky woohoo. I'm just glad the quad hack didn't kick in. Mary is on birth control for a while.

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